A place where people of all ages and all backgrounds can come as they are who they are and be welcomed and comfortable. A place where you can dress down or up smell good or smell bad and they will not be judged. A place where real people can be real with each other because regardless of who you are - it's a tough world and we need each other to be encouraged and support each other. Showing God's grace and love to all. Pastor Adam Whitford



What should I wear?

Your welcome to come dressed however you feel comfortable.  Jeans and T-Shirts are welcome but if you feel like dressing up then that's fine too! 


What is the service like?

We usually start out with three or four contemporary and upbeat songs with instruments like drums, electric piano, guitar, and flute being played.  That is followed by a few announcements and then we get into God's word in a very relevant way.  Often times we close with a song for time of reflection and response to the message. 


How about the kids?

After the worship (songs) the kids can be released to Junior church where they are taught with a curriculum that they can understand and apply at their level.  For the very little ones, there is a nursery where a worker is staffed each week or we have a kid’s play area in the back of the church auditorium. 




 Assembly of God Statement of Faith